Decals & Vinyl Art

We are currently redoing the Decal Page

Digital art can come in white, black, black lines on white vinyl and be very small to very large. Most of our orginal stock designs are small to medium in size, made to fit on a truck or car window. A few of the fish are larger, the Snook and the Hammerhead Shark will fill a full size pickup truck back window. Each item will have a size attached to it.

License information for the illustrations:

By purchasing and downloading an illustration from this website page you are bound by the terms of this license: The intended use of the illustrations above are for personal vehicle window display, but not limited to that application solely, and may be used for other advertising, promotion or communication, in the following mediums; banners, print ads, direct mail, and free promotional items.

Without an extended license, Illustrations and or images MAY NOT BE USED for resale in anyway such as, imprinting on products for sale, such as clothing , t-shirts, hats, bags, fabrics or other merchandise, or cards. You cannot use any images found on this site for any illegal or fraudulent purpose or to promote pornographic and/or obscene material. The image may not be distributed for resale on a photo CD, website or by any other means intended to provide images for resale for use in printing, building websites, etc. You may not re-license, sell, or permit others to use images for design, advertising, journalistic purposes, etc. You may not use an image outside of this application such as a book illustration or for another unrelated project. To purchase an extended license for any of the above purposes, please contact us. The art is the sole property of Carl Steelfox.