About the Artist


Carl was born and raised in Connecticut and now lives in Florida. Growing up in the rural country settings of New England and Florida were many settings for outdoor adventures, including camping, fishing, and hunting with his father and grandfather. Based on these life experiences it's only fitting that his interest in wildlife art and outdoor themes dominate his subject matter today.

For as long as he can remember he has followed the greats, Bob Kuhn, Ken Carlson, Carl Rungius, Charles Russell, John Clymer and many many more. "I would sit for hours and study the art and illustration in the outdoor magazines my dad purchased". Carl has been a full time "artist" of some type since he graduated collage over 30 years ago. "Working full time as a graphic artist has given me lots of art assignments that I feel make me well rounded in the art field". Even today Carl is the owner of a web design business. Nature Coast Web Design and Marketing, a LLC company in Citrus County Florida.

Experience: Working at high end graphic printers, editorial art for newspapers and magazines and advertising for all types of print media. Carl works in many mediums including pencil, water colors, aryclic, oils, gouch, wood carving, photography and screen printing and digital paintings. He has learned to be versatile in his creative approach to each subject and project. His Studio helps meet the demands of his painting needs.

Not being afraid to try new methods, mediums, or subject matter has really been his teacher through the years. He is now painting primarily saltwater fish and their environment. In shore and off shore game fish are the main subjects now. Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Sharks and Tarpon are a few of the subjects on his list. Reef life and sea scapes are also an important source of inspiration.

Please enjoy the site and feel free to Contact Carl with your questions or requests.